Our Passion

    At Tanglewood Gardens, we cant say we have a passion for composted horse manure. But we do have a passion for what it does: We see it draw families closer together as they work together in their gardens. It gives people exercise as they till it into their soil. The flowers it grows bring vibrancy and beauty into their lives. To many thats therapy. The fruits and vegetables it grows are the healthiest things you can eat. As people harvest a healthy garden it gives them a sense of accomplishment and joy. It makes people really happy. That is what we have a passion for.
Compost Horse Manure Fertilizer

Composted Plant Fertilizer

Seven Year Gold is a high grade, 100% organic fertilizer that strengthens the soil structure, increases moisture retention, supplies organic matter and enables soils to retain nutrients longer. Our composted horse manure does all this with the added comfort that it contains absolutely no weed seeds or pathogens.

We're so sure you will love Seven Year Gold that within 6 months of purchase, if you are not completely satisfied with this product we will refund the purchase price in full. See product bag for details.

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Seven Year Gold